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                                                                 LOS CABOS ALL EXPENSE PAID INCENTIVE TRIP! 

Welcome and thanks for visiting our site!  We are  Vanessa and Bill Muskopf and we live in Brooklyn, NY with our 9 year old daughter, Isabella. We are thrilled to have you hear to learn more about how Shaklee can change your life.

I was introduced to Shaklee through a friend. Over fiyears ago I had been searching for safe and effective products for our home. The key word being EFFECTIVE. After an exhaustive search of all the natural and green products on the market, I had just about given up finding a range of products that were both safe for my family and actually worked. And then I found Shaklee. I began my Shaklee experience with Healthy Home cleaning products and found not only did they work, they were by far the best products I had ever used! I began to replace all of my current brands of cleaning products-kitchen, bathroom, laundry-with Shakee Healthy Home products. After being "converted" to a Shaklee customer through the Healthy Home product line, I began to incorporate the other categories into our lives: Healthy Beauty, Healthy Nutrition, and Healthy Weight. The difference in our lives and health was profound. I lost almost 15 pounds with Shaklee 180, we were rarely sick due to fundamental nutritional supplements (Isabella went to preschool and did not get sick once all year!), and had decreased allergies just to name a few. People around us noticed the differences and I found myself talking to friends and family about the Shaklee products we had found and how well they worked for my family. Bill went on to lose 30 pounds with Shaklee 180 and his cholesterol went from 363 to 165!!

My husband and I began talking about creating a Shaklee home business. I had built a successful career in the fashion industry, but ever since Isabella was born I was looking to make a change for myself and our family. I wanted to do something that allowed me more freedom and flexibility to be home for her more.  This was a company I felt good about and more importantly, products I could 100% recommend and stand behind. If i was going to start a home based health and wellness business, or any business, I was going to have to believe in the products. Shaklee was the perfect fit. 

 In addition, our partnership with Shaklee has given us something more than the tangible benefits of better health and more income. There is great inspiration to be found in a company that lives and breathes their mission as this one does. Shaklee is dedicated to "Creating healthier lives and a healthier planet" and through our Shaklee business, so are we. Our Shaklee business has changed our lives and we'd love to share with YOU the infinite possibilities of a Shaklee business!

I left my corporate job in December 2013 and have never been happier. We live our life by design, with the flexibility I always wanted. Im home for my daughter. My passion is to share with other families how Shaklee can actually change their lives, as it did ours.